Alexander James Rodriguez

Alexander James Rodriguez has conveyed one more raving success to where he has recently been designated for a renowned Hollywood Music in Media Award close by some of Billboards greatest specialists in music.

The British adolescent delivered his most recent single Cherry Bomb alongside a high energy music video that is rushing in shading, and we are energetically toe tapping to it here in the United Kingdom.

The appealing tune was composed by Alexander James Rodriguez and is the 14-year-olds 10th studio single as a free recording craftsman. With movement by individual Brit Marvin Brown (High School Musical), the music video overflows perky tones in Alexanders nervy conveyance.

Using his acting chops and evident British appeal, the youngster sensation is joined by artists Isidora Villagra, Jedd Berina, Kaileia Dixon, and McKenzie Cole alongside high schooler model Ava Rose, his cherry bomb.

Music News found Alexander to discover more…

All in all, what’s up Alexander? You have been occupied since we last talked. Congratulations on your Hollywood Music in Media assignment. Inform us regarding that!

Wow folks indeed, I have been on a mega rollercoaster ride since we last visited. Taking advantage of my Brit-pop DNA, I delivered my single Freedom in August which is a Wham! cover tune, that was such a lot of enjoyable to record. I cherished directing my inward George Michael, and afterward quickly dropped my unique single, Cherry Bomb the month before.

The tune has quite recently been assigned for Music Video (Independent) at this years Hollywood Music in Media Awards, which is really energizing.

At age 14, we hear you are the most youthful candidate this year. Let us know everything!

Indeed, I recently heard that as well! There are such countless astonishing specialists assigned inside their particular classifications this year including Beyonce, Van Morrison, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, the rundown is interminable. I have been designated for Music Video (Independent) for my tune Cherry Bomb I have some solid contest, however I am so glad to be inside the blend of such an awesome show line up!

We love the music video. Whats the story behind it?

We shot the music video for Cherry Bomb at a 1950s exemplary American coffee shop in Downtown Los Angeles. It had a plain simple to work with setting that we thought, with a fly of shading and some pleasant dance moves we could change it into a High School Musical flowing video.

The main thing we needed to do was track down our cherry bomb. It was an interesting in light of the fact that we were at an occasion where I was advancing Bella Loquita, and at a lift saw this young lady (Ava Rose) whining about her heels, and my mum pushed me and said that is her. That is your cherry bomb. We didnt approach her at the occasion, yet when we were near getting sorted out the music video for Cherry Bomb, I dropped into her Instagram and essentially inquired!

From that point we added British choreographer Marvin Brown (D23: High School Musical) for the Cherry Bomb dance routine we needed to space in, and artists Isidora Villagra, Jedd Berina, Kaileia Dixon and Mckenzie Cole.

All together for the cafe to look brilliant, beside our outfits, we looked for truly splendid food. We had 72 cupcakes, 24 biscuits, 2 regular cakes, new cherries, strawberries, lemons, genuine daisies, shading pens, and cherry bloom to give the burger joint the liveliness you see.

We reviewed the storyboard and shooting shot rundown, and the rest as is commonly said is history!

Watch CHERRY BOMB underneath:

We have been following your acting and music vocation for some time, yet at only 14 years of age how would you fit everything in with school and acting?

Frankly, I dont realize we simply make it work! I have schoolwork and afterschool exercises like tryouts, swim, photoshoots and afterward at the ends of the week I am in the studio or doing live exhibitions. It truly is a day by day shuffle!

Who are your melodic symbols?

Gosh Id say, Harry Styles, George Michael, and Liam Payne yet I love such countless specialists. Its difficult to pick a modest bunch.

Whats your cherished side interest when you are liberated from school?

I attempt to invest my energy outside so I surf, skateboard, skim board a ton. Inside, I wreck around with Lego, different Rubik blocks. I read anything legendary and draw winged serpents and various characters.

Whats coming up next for you?

I’m delivering another Christmas single this year on November nineteenth and afterward preparing for my January fourteenth arrival of Alright. I’m in the studio composing new tunes and I trust that one year from now I drop an EP or collection.

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