The Story Behind Simon And Garfunkel’s Songs: "Richard Cory" With A Twist

OK, you are Paul Simon. You and Artwork Garfunkel have turn into an in a single day sensation when your tune “The Sound of Silence” grew to become a primary hit on Billboard with out your even figuring out that it had been re-recorded and re-released. You have hurried again from England to reunite along with your accomplice and rush to the studio to report some extra songs in order that your new smash might be made into an album. Drawback: you want extra songs. Answer? You employ some songs that you’ve got had saved up. And also you write a pair extra, like “Richard Cory.”

Most individuals do not know it however Simon was an English main at Queens Faculty, acquiring a level in English literature (even fewer know that he briefly attended the Brooklyn Legislation College). So it is solely pure he would attain into his information of poetry to assist him provide you with materials for the album they have been swiftly placing collectively.

On condition that Simon’s viewers was within the means of turning into disenchanted with the Vietnam Battle and distrustful of the “Institution”, the rich, and the elder era it is solely pure that he would select the Edward Arlington Robinson poem “Richard Cory”. Written in the course of the melancholy that adopted the Panic of 1893 it portrays a person who appears to have all of it: wealth, schooling, manners, and the admiration of all these round him. And those that envy him have not sufficient cash for meat and cursed the bread they did have (many have been compelled to dwell on day-old bread in these melancholy years). However regardless of all this success Cory calmly goes residence in the future and commits suicide with a gun. The reader is compelled to see that every one Cory’s benefits did not matter and that he lacked one thing important. Perhaps it was the senselessness of extreme wealth (take into account the Ebook of Ecclesiastes “All is vainness and a striving after wind”). Perhaps it was loneliness. Perhaps it was boredom or melancholy. We do not know… however we’re challenged to ask.

Simon, utilizing his English literature expertise, introduced “Richard Cory” into the twentieth Century. It begins the identical method, though Simon embellished it a bit. Cory is not simply wealthy, he “owns one half of this complete city”. He is so rich he can lavishly give to charity. He is aware of all the suitable individuals. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the pampered solely son of a wealthy banker. The press comply with his each transfer like a latter-day paparazzi. For his amusement he throws unbelievable events and indulges in orgies.

But he nonetheless commits suicide with a gun.

And the singer of the tune? He works in Cory’s manufacturing facility, hungry and poor, livid at destiny for his poverty, bitterly envious of his “boss”. However in contrast to the poem the singer appears to have a demise want as a result of he nonetheless needs he have been Cory even after Cory has killed himself.

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