The Story Behind the Tune – The Doxology

This Hymn was written in 1674 by Thomas Ken. Thomas Ken was part of the Church of England. The Church of England could be very broad of their theology however there are some issues that distinguished them. They believed that the Bible accommodates the core of all Christian religion and thought. They held a excessive significance to worship however made use of the Guide of Widespread Prayer. This was utilized by John Wesley, who mentioned in regards to the Guide of Widespread Prayer “I imagine there isn’t a Liturgy on this planet, both in historic or fashionable language, which breathes extra of a strong, scriptural, rational piety than the Widespread Prayer of the Church of England.”

I’ve little question that these males had been saved, they had been simply introduced up and educated in a system of worship that enormously differs from ours. As might be evidenced by the doctrine of their hymns, each of those writers had an apparent data and an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus.

When these traces had been written, the Church of England believed that solely Scriptures ought to be sung. They put a particular emphasis on the Psalms and a few even thought that it was sinful and even bordering on blasphemy to jot down new lyrics for church songs and even to sing a hymn. When Thomas Ken wrote the Doxology it initially had ten verses and he revealed them in his Guide of Prayers for the scholars at Winchester School. In all probability to fulfill the Church of England, he included strict directions the scholars had been solely to make use of his Guide of Prayers for personal devotions of their room and never as hymn singing.

The predominant doctrine of the Doxology is the Doctrine of the Trinity seen clearly within the final line “Reward Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

“Reward God from Whom all blessings stream;

Reward Him, all creatures right here under;

Reward Him above, ye heavenly host;

Reward Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Allow us to take a look at these traces and recall to mind some scripture from which Thomas Ken might have had in thoughts as he penned these phrases. From the road “Reward God from whom all blessings stream. Two verses instantly come to thoughts. John 3:27 “John answered and mentioned, A person can obtain nothing, besides or not it’s given him from heaven”, And James 1:17 “Each good present and each excellent present is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is not any variableness, neither shadow of turning.” Thomas Ken had a really private stroll and was a really religious pupil of the Phrase of God, it is vitally potential that these verses led to the road Reward God from whom all blessings stream.

As we take a look at the following line, Reward Him, all creatures right here under Psalms 150 involves thoughts. The final 5 psalms, psalm 146 – 150 are often called the Hallelujah psalms, the doxology of the Hebrew hymnbook. John Phillips calls Psalms 150 “the ‘Hallelujah Refrain’ of the Hebrew hymnbook” All the psalms start and finish with the phrase “Reward ye the LORD”. Psalms 150 verse 2, 3, 4 and 5 all start with the phrase “Reward him”. Verse 6 is what involves thoughts after I consider the second line of the doxology, “Let each factor that hath breath reward the LORD.

The third line, Reward Him, all creatures right here under, brings to thoughts Psalms 148. Verse 7 declares “Reward the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:” Verse 8 and 9 consists of nature in reward, however verse 10 consists of “Beasts, and all cattle; creeping issues, and flying fowl.

The final line of the doxology, “Reward Father, Son and Holy Ghost” speaks of the Trinity, the tri-personal existence of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The Doctrine of the trinity is a reality of Revelation that’s revealed within the Scripture. The Doctrine of the Trinity doesn’t suggest tritheism, regardless that there are three separate and distinct individuals of the God head, there may be however one essence. The Doctrine of the Trinity might be seen within the first chapter of the primary guide within the Bible, Genesis. Genesis 1:26 says “And God mentioned, Let US make man in OUR picture. The phrase for God is the Hebrew phrase Elohiym and is plural in its kind. Now this doesn’t suggest that there’s multiple God, quite it units forth the Doctrine of the Trinity.

The clearest image of the Trinity is seen within the Baptism of Jesus. All three individuals of the Godhead are seen. You see Jesus, the Son as he’s baptized, you see the Spirit of God descending like a dove and also you hear the voice of the Father as he declares “That is my beloved Son, in whom I’m nicely happy.” I John 5:7 For there are three that bear document in heaven, the Father, the Phrase, and the Holy Ghost: and THESE THREE ARE ONE.

After a detailed examination of probably the most recognized verse of the beloved hymn that we name the Doxology, there may be however one conclusion that you could come to, Thomas Ken had a private stroll with the Lord Jesus and accepted, yea, promoted the Doctrine of the Trinity.

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