When Rivers Meet

Saving Grace

At the point when Rivers Meet (WRM) are the most smoking Blues/rock act in the UK right now and deservedly so.

Their first collection We Fly Free saw them win an exceptional 4 honors in the UK Blues Awards including Blues Band of the Year, Blues Album of the Year, Emerging Blues Artist of the Year, and Most Inspirational Online Performance of the Year. WRM were additionally casted a ballot Best New Band by the audience members of Planet Rock at the radio broadcasts The Rocks Awards.

To say that the new collection is emphatically expected would be a gigantic misrepresentation of the truth.

I can imagine many demonstrations who began with the peak to their professions, the troublesome second collection ending up a frail repeat of the hazardous first collection, so I moved toward this with exclusive standards yet additionally a ton of worry that they might have run my expectations for Saving Grace.

The outcome however is all that I had expected. Graces vocals are solid and the songwriting is dynamite. Aarons guitar playing swings between amazing riffery and touchy slide and maker/engineer/entertainer Adam Bowers drumming is an impact, driving and delicately washing as required.

While it is certainly conspicuous as a WRM collection there is a clear movement. The music has all the more genuine tallness and power, a more noteworthy feeling of soundscape and I got the inclination that the steady visiting has positively affected their music.

Says Aaron, We needed the collection to have a greater amount of a playful stone feel. We knew precisely what we needed before we set out to record Saving Grace. We set our assumptions high. Were so satisfied with the outcome and simply trust every other person loves it however much we do!

Despite the fact that we needed to accomplish something else from our past work, we actually needed overall the very components that make our music unmistakable and conspicuous as When Rivers Meet, prays.

From the single Testify with its romping beat and on to the massive Make A Grown Man Cry and the Bluesy Have No Doubt About It (my undisputed top choice), the entire collection is an unmistakable movement from We Fly Free however figures out how to hold every one of the things that made that collection so grisly great.

Beauty and Aaron rule.

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