Wille & The Bandits

Will We Ever

Wille and The Bandits have been an energy of dig throughout the previous few years, since the time seeing them on the bill at a Tuesday Night Blues Club at the 100 Club.

The first band split up presently before the beginning of the Lockdown time frame and this is the main delivery from the new Wille and the Bandits and from their impending collection When The World Stood Still .

The immediately unmistakable voice of Wille Edwards is here, alongside his unique Weissenborn lap-slide guitar. All the enthusiasm we typically hear in Willes vocals is there and the new line up makes a hard hitting a depression loaded support for him alongside a flavorful console twirling behind the scenes.

Blues/roots at its absolute best and it seems as if the new Bandits are just as amazing and skilled as the old.

The new collection will be accessible to pre-request at www.willeandthebandits.com/shop in front of its January 28th delivery.

Recorded at Sawmills, a spot just open on the elevated tide, on the banks of the waterway Fowey; one of Britain’s most notable recording studios that is reaching the finish of a persuasive life. This could be the last collection recorded at Sawmills, financed by the devotees of a band thought about one of the most astonishing and effective autonomous demonstrations in Europe,

It had consistently been a fantasy for me to record at Sawmills, says Wille. I was crushed at the possibility that one more piece of music history was being repurposed away from a position of motivation for artistic expression.

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